FAQ's and Terms of Service

Why should I use Cobb Aerial Photography?

According to The National Association of Realtors, 73% of home owners are more likely to list their home with realtors that use video. However, only 9% of real estate companies use video to sell properties. That means that Cobb Aerial Photography can give you a competitive edge over 91% of your competitors!

Why should I use Cobb Aerial Photography when my friend has a drone and won’t even charge me for the footage?

Aside from over 25 years of photography experience, Cobb Aerial Photography has different equipment for interiors and exteriors. More importantly, if your friend isn’t a licensed drone pilot you could be leaving yourself open to legal troubles. Additionally, if your friend isn’t insured, you could be held liable for any damages that result from a drone accident involving property or injury. The FAA is cracking down on un-licensed drone pilots and are handing out hefty fines for realtors that use them to promote their listings. Any realtor who hires an un-licensed drone pilot can be fined $11,000 for each instance. The drone pilot can be fined $1,100 for each instance. It’s the same thing as hiring a truck driver without a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). Furthermore, if a realtor has their own un-licensed drone, they are then responsible for both fines.

Why should I hire Cobb Aerial Photography vs. other companies?

Cobb Aerial Photography is licensed, insured, and will travel most anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area and beyond. Cobb Aerial Photography knows how to tell the”story” of your property in a compelling way that is sure to increase interest in your property or listings.

How much is this going to cost?

Prices are fair, negotiable and available on request. Please use the Contact page to tell us about your need or project to help us give you a quote fast!

Can a realtor get into trouble by hiring a non-licensed drone pilot?

Yes. Federal law prohibits anyone from flying drones for compensation unless they hold a valid FAA Remote Pilot License. If your photographer is providing “aerial” images for you and a drone is being used, make sure they are licensed. It’s very easy to check their license status. Go to the FAA website (www.faa.gov) and enter the pilot’s last name, first name, state and/or country. If the pilot has a drone license, you’ll see a document indicating that they hold a current FAA issued UAS license.

Terms of Service

Service Area: Metro Atlanta. There is an additional travel fee of $25 beyond a 35-mile radius of our office.
Delivery of Images: Normally we deliver photos and videos with a 24-hour turnaround. Images are uploaded to DropBox.
Payment: Payment is due at the completion of photo/video session. Cobb Aerial Photography will send you an electronic invoice.
License: You receive a very standard real estate photography license, which enables you to use the images for any purpose linked with the marketing of the property in question. The license, or the right for you to use the photographs, ends when the home is sold or re-listed. Further, the license is non-transferable, which means you are not permitted to give the images to another party not in connection with the marketing of the property. Examples would include a stager or builder who asks you for the images for their portfolios.